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Residential and Commercial Service – Heat pump, Oil, Gas, A/C System repair service and installation experts.  7 Sons HVAC is committed to keeping our clients cool during the summer, warm during the winter. When you call 7SonsHVAC for a tune up there are no gimmicks, such as the tune up cost advertised in the paper is this and the drive up charge is that. 

7SonsHVAC are experts and our complete tune up prices have been rated by our customers on reviews on internet search engines.

We are told from our customers we have the best fair complete HVAC service they have ever experienced.

We get our customers involved so that they learn about their equipment while the technician is on site. We give the customer a basic MFD homeowner training course the whole time on site.  We found out most people are afraid to even go near the units. 7SonsHVAC takes that fear away.  So if there is a future problem with your air conditioning or heating, we can ask the basic manufacturer questions before coming out.  

Large HVAC Companies won’t ask you questions on the phone.  Why?  They lose money.  7SonsHVAC BELIEVES IN SAVING YOU MONEY.  So call us at 215-364-8860.

Air conditioning and heating check ups are the  best, most cost effective ways to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter and keep your system running at full capacity. No service repair job is too big or small, and we deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. So whether you need air conditioning repair work for a single unit or an entire office building, our highly trained and experienced employees are hand selected and as a team working together we get the job done.                                               


Two new Custom installed complete duct system heating and air conditioning heat pump systems

Two new Custom installed complete duct system heating and air conditioning heat pump systems


7SonsHVAC preseason heat pump ac unit check up, Seasonal inspection of the indoor and outdoor air conditioning equipment.  The technicians will be checking for the following:

High and low voltage wiring, loose or burnt connections, check controls, relays, fan motors, capacitors, control boards for proper amp draws to O.E.M. specifications.  Check for dirt, grease and dust at which time will be cleaned and any parts found in poor condition will be noted.

The next step: Check the refrigerant, indoor and outdoor refrigerant coils, indoor unit fan assembly and unit housing interior of unit for dust and grime.  7SonsHVAC technicians are trained to do the cleaning right!  Additional time may  be required to properly clean out dust and mold on a/c coil, fan compartment controls, condensate line and and trap assembly.

7SonsHVAC uses only HVAC approved cleaners to ensure clean air throughout the home.  In short, most systems we have serviced for the first time out may require additional time to remove dog and cat hair, ground in grime and mold off the a/c coil and compartment and the indoor fan assembly.

Last step: A new air filter installed, (please tell us the size before we come out) the refrigerant charge can be  properly checked to the manufacturer specifications, pressures will be recorded. If more that one (1) pound of refrigerant is needed for topping off A/C charge, our technicians will need to perform a leak check on site which takes approximately a half hour and report findings to customer on whether it can be repaired to manufacturer’s specifications.   

7SonsHVAC is in your best interest when it comes to preventing equipment failure.  We believe in fixing HVAC equipment first and replacement as a last resort if unrepairable.  Keeping new and existing customers for many years to come is our main concern.  We also believe in good clean air in your home where many suffer from allergies, asthma, skin conditions, flu, the list goes on. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service and tune ups, in Bucks County and Montgomery County in PA.  In closing, your heating equipment, A/C equipment, heat pump equipment should be checked yearly.    7Sons HVAC expert technicians do the job right that is why we offer a 100%  guarantee on all repairs completed with the best warranties in PA.


Two completely custom laid out complete out and indoor heat pump systems and duct from scratch install into the home.

Two completely custom laid out complete outdoor and indoor heat pump systems and duct from scratch installed into the home.


Please call 215-364-8860 to schedule an appointment.  Please refer to our coupon discount section for details.

Please email us CEO@CommonWealthHVAC.org.  We have front line access to all HVAC manufacturer parts and components.  We have you covered year round, winter, spring, summer, fall.