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Home owners all over the United states of America are converting to hybrid green energy heat pump a/c systems call us now 215-364-8860 Convert now ! Save Mega Dollars Each Year 7sons HVAC Owner has one in his Home. CALL NOW US for a Free Estimate to convert. Servicing Bucks County and Montgomery County Since 1993.


7SonsHVAC can upgrade your forced hot air oil burner, gas burner, propane system to a hybrid heat pump system.  Oil and propane prices have been very volatile in the past 15 years. When you install a hybrid system you choose which way to heat your home with the flick of a switch. If your Home has central air a/c only we can convert your A/C system to a heat pump that will heat and cool your home as a primary source or secondary source.

If your system is 1 to 8 years of age and in good shape, 7SonsHVAC can convert your system to natural gas from oil boilers and hot air oil furnaces.  We will call PECO to find out if natural gas is on your street. If not, 7SonsHVAC has 2nd option!!  Install a state of the art low energy green heat pump, hot water, central heating and air conditioning systems.  Carrier 14 seer and up to 21 seer systems heat pumps with heat pump hot water heater 80 gallon systems is the way to go.  3rd option,  if your current oil or propane system is 1 to 8 years old and in good shape we can convert the system in most cases to a hybrid system which we found is an excellent way to save big time money per month giving the homeowner choices whether to use the hybrid heat pump system or use the oil, propane or natural gas systems and if for some reason the oil burner, gas burner fails to malfunction, hybrid heat pump will operate to keep your home warm on a winter day.  Keep the money in your wallet or purse. Call us at 215-364-8860 for a free estimate now or have a price ready to come in the fall of 2016.  Our Motto is to conserve energy its your choice!DSCN0202

7SonsHVAC Carrier heat pump systems can save you big time money and by adding a Wi Fi thermostat for your home which uses most any smart phone, laptop or standard computer to control the heating and cooling operation in your home anywhere you are. You will have total control whether you use straight oil, straight natural gas, straight heat pump or let the hybrid control lock out the heat pump on freezing 28 degrees days and kick in the oil or gas system when temperature raise above 33 degrees.

Positive side to a hybrid system which I have in my home we installed 12 years ago, my oil consumption went from 3.5 tanks of fuel oil (residential oil tanks hold 275 gallons of oil) to about 1/2 tank per heating season. The electric bill increased by about 95 dollars per month additional throughout the heating months.  Wow!!! Over the years my hybrid heat pump saved me mega dollars in oil. Between 2003 and 2015 my heat pump hybrid saved me almost 30 tanks of oil, in 12 years time verses using straight heating oil.  Hybrid heat pumps are the way to go.  Remember oil is a commodity.  I never have to worry about oil surging to over $4.00 and higher per gallon.  I have a hybrid heat pump system.  Now that is a savings account without trying.

Call us at 215-364-8860 and let us at 7SonsHVAC install one for you. For people with forced hot air gas heating systems, hybrid heat pumps as back up heat pump is always a plus when your gas systems fails on a freezing cold day.

Just think  when you leave for work, go on a vacation or leave for another home for the winter or summer months you can control your HVAC system remotely. You can be able to turn off or on thermostat, change the temperature, humidification and dehumidification while away.  No more will you say honey it is going to be 98 degrees today did you check the thermostat? Or during the winter months, honey its going to be 25 degrees out today. What did you set the thermostat at?  This problem would go away, you both are in control of your energy heating and cooling usage and comfort zone.DSCN0448

Another great feature with select complete Carrier systems and hybrid thermostats is if the system malfunctions during the year you can check the fault code and call for service or let the WIFI thermostat notify us.

My father, God rest his soul had 7 sons.  Pretty much everyday during the hot summer days and throughout the ice cold nights, he would say “Who left the barn door open and windows cracked, your grounded, your job is to keep the doors and windows closed! If it happens again your all grounded!”  My father would have loved this new a/c-heat Wi Fi thermostat by Carrier Corporation.  He would have been able to check his new smart phone and see dramatic temperature changes throughout a given day.  Energy bills with 7 Boys in a home could be extreme most times he would have loved this new technology.

So consider having a new Wi Fi thermostat installed by us 7SonsHVAC.  We feel the Wi Fi thermostat is much better then the average programmable thermostat of yesterday, why, because you have ultimate control from anywhere.  People that we have installed them for come home from work or play, watch TV and adjust the temperature from their couch to meet their comfort zone at the time WOW! WI FI thermostats have been found to change peoples personal lives 10 fold.  Hybrid heating and air conditioning with Wi Fi thermostat is at present the best way to go.

Call us at 215-364-8860 to have one installed. Check out 7sons service coupons on this web site under menu. Use them for your present system repairs and service. Please call us for a free estimate upgrade.DSCN0511

Thank you!  Matthew Kirk from 7SonsHVAC, located at 691 Washington Crossing Rd, Newton, PA 18940

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