Solar Hot Water Heating Solar can provide almost all of your hot water during the summer months and  50% year round call us 215-364-8860 7sos HVAC has the ways to heat home pools, house duct heating systems, hot water heater and baseboard home heating systems with affordable pricing and experts installation service and guarantee.       

  • A well designed Active Solar Heating system should contribute between 1,500kWh and 2,000kWh, which will be equivalent to 40 to 50% of the household’s water heating energy needs. The value of this saving will depend on the type of energy displaced.

    How Solar Collectors Work

For domestic hot water there are three main components: solar panels, a heat transfer system, and a hot water cylinder. Solar panels – or collectors – are fitted to your roof. They collect heat from the sun’s radiation. The heat transfer system uses the collected heat to heat water. A hot water cylinder stores the hot water that is heated during the day and supplies it for use later.

Whenever the collectors are hotter than the cylinder, the controller switches on the system’s circulating pump. A mixture of antifreeze and water is then circulated through the collectors and the cylinder’s heat exchanger, heating the cylinder in just the same way as a central heating boiler.

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